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Fudge Brownie - 125ml cup

Mint Chocolate - 125ml Cup

Cookie Crumble - 125ml Cup

Blueberry Cheesecake - 125ml Cup

Mocha Almond - 125ml Cup

Salted Caramel - 125ml Cup

Creamy Strawberry 125 ml Cup

Belgian Chocolate Crunch - 125ml Cup

Vanilla Bean - 125ml Cup

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10 reviews for Netflix & Chill

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Aakash Mehta

  3. Samir G. (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality and Taste. Loved All Of Them.

  4. Surbhi Chobdar (verified owner)

    Fabulous Ice Cream and amazing flavours.
    I got the best way for my cravings.

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  5. ADARSH RAIDURG (verified owner)

    Very very tasty. We just wiped out the entire 12 pack in a matter of minutes. Lives up to all the claim done. We are now addicted to the taste. Will order ever week now 😊😊

    • Akhil Gupta

      Hey Adarsh! we love it that you love it! Look forward to serving you again 🙂

  6. Virajeet Sandu (verified owner)

    Loved the ice creams……. Would appreciate if you could give a discount code so I could share it on my social medial and to my friends.

    Overall great ice cream!!!

    • Akhil Gupta

      Hey Virajeet, thank you so much for the kind words. The discount code available right now is summer10. It will be valid for a limited period only though. Thank you once again

  7. Larissa Dsilva (verified owner)

  8. Kritika Agarwal (verified owner)

    All the flavours are so amazing..I have ordered thrice in the past month and a half. They quality and taste of all their I ce creams is so so good. You can enjoy these ice creams completely guilt free because of less calories. The best option is to get a pack as all their ice creams are worth trying. Their mini packs are also very very good. Highly recommended.

  9. Umaima (verified owner)

    Loved the Belgian chocolate and fudge brownie

  10. Sheetal Shah (verified owner)

    Fantastic tasting guilt free icecream. super creamy.

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